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Bulletins : Numéro 11, 2005 (english)

June 2005, LES CONFERENCES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ PHILOMATHIQUE DE PARIS. Booklet XI. Under the direction of André TUILIER. Langres, Editions Dominique Guéniot, 2005, 95 pages - 14 euros.

Created in 1788 by young scientists trained in the spirit of the Lights, the Société Philomathique de Paris represents one of the oldest societies of the "Ancien Régime" France and it became since one of the most outstanding of the French scientific institutions. The most famous scientists belong to this Society and most important scientific papers were presented there. This is the reason why the Société Philomathique de Paris was recognized of public utility by Presidential decree of the Republic on March 25, 1879. While coming from the most various scientific circles, its members belong mainly today to the corporation of the professors of the universities and the great educational establishments, the directors of research of CNRS, the INSERM or other major scientific institutions. Much of them also belong to the Academy of Science, the Academy of Medicine or other erudite academies at the national or international level. They repudiate any form of secrecy and they do not claim to hold any absolute truth. The members of the Philomathique Society, who have as principle, "Etude et Amitié", meet four times per annum in a conference dinner, during which is developed and discussed freely a general topic in the following disciplines: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Life sciences, History and Philosophy of Sciences. These conferences are generally grouped in an annual booklet which has as a title "Les Conférences de la Société Philomathique de Paris". Victim of the current difficulties of the scientific French edition, this booklet occurs with two years of delay by presenting four conferences which were given to the Société Philomathique de Paris between 2002 and 2004. For this longer period, a choice was made. But the four conferences which appear in this booklet were presented by specialists in their topics. Here are the titles and the names of their authors:

"Prédire et prévenir le risque cardio-vasculaire" by Pierre CORVOL, Member of the Academy of Science, Professor to the College of France.

"Science sans frontières : Coopération et compétition" by Hubert CURIEN (+), Member of the Academy of Science, former General manager of CNRS, former Minister for Research and Technology. It is one of the last conferences of the famous scientist who has just disappeared and who was the specialist per excellence on the matter.

"Le climat au troisième millénaire. Le réchauffement global" by André BERGER, Professor at the University of Louvain, Climatologist with international notoriety.

"Virus et Cancer" by Guy BLAUDIN DE THÉ, Professor emeritus at the PASTEUR Institute, Member of the Academy of Medicine and of the Academy of Science.

All these conferences give a description of the current situation on the subjects which they cover. They interest at the same time the specialists and the public interested in the scientific point of view.

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